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There are very many steps the average consumer will take before choosing a given service provider or product vendor. The most common step for most is pre purchase research which helps them ensure that they are choosing the right service provide or vendor before making the decision to buy. In the past, what the consumer needed to make up their mind was a copy of the consumer report magazine. Today, things are a little different.

The modern consumer spends a sizable budget buying stuff over the Internet. This allows him to buy anything under the sun over the cover of the web. But their purchases are not random; most of them begin with research through different online platforms. Many e-commerce websites help their consumers make proper buying decisions by sharing real customer reviews on sales pages. Their consumers also spend a good amount of time checking out affiliated blogs for detailed product guides, among other things.

Student consumers versus essay writing companies

Students are very important consumers to essay writing companies. After all, it is them who buy essays from the companies. But in the absence of proper consumer information in the essay writing industry, students can find it extremely hard to find a competent essay writing company. freearticlelive.com is a leading essay writing company review site that provides them with the information they might need to choose good essay writers.

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Why students need reviews

Students need essay writing company reviews so that they have adequate information when they want to hire a custom essay writing company. With so many essay writing companies coming up on a daily basis, it can be a bit overwhelming for the student to find good companies he or she can rely on. This website goes to great lengths to find relevant information a student can use to hire a great essay writing service.

How it works

There are very many essay writing companies but consumer relevant information is stretched far between. To bridge the gap, freearticlelive.com asks users who have used different essay writing companies to share their experiences with us. The users mainly rate companies they have used, as well as pen a comment describing their experiences. We use their feedback to list top service providers, with poor quality companies getting dust.

In addition to the customer reviews, freearticlelive.com also asks its experts to write detailed summary reviews concerning each essay writing companies students have used. With this information, you can rest assured that decision making will improve.